Are you a small business owner or coach in wellness, lifestyle, health, gastronomy or hôtellerie? I help you show up professionally to reach the key moment of change in business success.

Brand Design and Websites that book more clients and clearly reflect your expertise, values and uniqueness.

I’m starting/relaunching my business and need a professional design for my offline and online world to stand out in the market and show, sell or book my services, like yoga classes, online reservations or printed books/products.

Studio, Shop, Café, Office, Product

I’ve outgrown my DIY-design and I’m ready to mark the next level of my business and confidence with a custom Brand and/or Website designed by you. 

Online Coach or Service Business

I’m in the first years of my business and don’t want to spend too much money, but I want to show up professionally and have a website that sells my online course, online products and/or services on autopilot. 

I want to DIY my website

Which one sounds most like you?

Yoga and therapy center
Dentist’s office
Mindful dog school
Sport’s club
Reiki healer & mental trainer
Interior designer
Mindset & life coach
Yoga teacher & purpose coach
Performance marketing coach

Latest Projects

Where elegance meets functionality and classic unites with contemporary. I carefully design your brand and website based on emotional strategy.

Please choose your experience:

to feel 100% aligned and show up with a clear standing

to raise your prices and your income (!)

to reach and book more perfect-fit clients without more effort

to reach and book more perfect-fit clients without more effort
to raise your prices and your income (!)
to feel 100% aligned and show up with a clear standing

While you are absolutely professional in your field, I am here to help you make your vision and expertise visible (and online book-able). 

I provide you with Logo Design to Webdesign to hand-drawn Illustrations, Book Design and more. Let's get in touch to discuss your project.

My Signature Services for you

Lisa, Leise Präsenz / Germany

“I am speechless. Everything is sooo beautiful and all your provided informations are just great. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your extremely professional work.” 

Friederike Kleinert, Coach & Yoga / Portugal

"The design presentation is so wonderful. You clearly see that what you get is very professional work."

Heidi, Wunderburg / Austria

"It’s so beautiful, the desktop version as well as the mobile version."

Nina Lochner, Zahnärzte Dr. Lochner / Wien

"I already assumed it would turn out nice. But that it will be SO beautiful!!"

Franzi, Franzi’s Footprints / Ibiza

“The design is so 100% me!”

What clients and partners are saying about Mokkaa©


Before completely specializing in Brand- and Webdesign I worked as a designer, illustrator and calligrapher in the wedding industry. My knowledge from design school in Austria combined with my urge to never stop learning helped me to quickly stand out in the market and book international dream clients

While collaborating with other service providers for wedding projects in person, I realized how many entrepreneurs with enormous skills, like florists or stylists, have an online presence that absolutely doesn’t speak for their professionalism. Because design and tech just isn’t their field.

My goal in life is to always make people shine, so Mokkaa© was born. To help you make your magic visible, no matter which stage of your business you’re at. I have solutions for you.

My goal is to put your expertise and uniqueness into the spotlight you deserve. To create that magical, emotional desire within your customer - through aesthetic, well thought out design solutions.


Schiebst du das To Do Website schon ewig auf? Während meiner Zeit im Süden lernte ich umso mehr, dass Gäste wie Gold behandelt werden. Kaffee kann ich dir jetzt keinen anbieten, dieses Geschenk für deine Zukunft aber schon. 

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everything has changed and yet i am more me than i have ever been. – iain Thomas

Du träumst von deiner eigenen, ästhetischen Website, aber du bist überfordert?

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