My goal is to create a visual presence people will passionately talk about.

Mokkaa© helps you make your self-made business to a forward-thinking brand. 

Or at least, I follow up with your topic daily. That way, I can serve you on a deeper level and equip you with trial-and-tested, perfect-fit solutions to make your daily (business) life easier, more efficient and simply more fulfilled. 

I already know your Ideal Client – because I am your Ideal Client. 

Businesses in Wellness, Lifestyle, Health, Gourmet, Hôtellerie and Coaching trust me.


Merging intuition with my analytical mind lead me through different big and small Design and Art projects: I worked with well-known companies like Nespresso, owned an wedding stationery and calligraphy Atelier while I used to live in Austria, held workshops, designed Brands and more. 

Years later I transformed my business in a location independent online business, now live in Switzerland and work with clients who share the same values.

Want to connect on a personal level? Natural healing, healthy food, learning, aesthetics and living by the sea make my heart jump higher.

Straight after graduating from High School I started an internship in a small Design and Printing Agency and jobbed in an Art Gallery. I’ve learned about Design rules, fell in love with it and applied for Design studies in Vienna. That time, I kinda started my business by accident by selling custom Portrait illustrations (500+ since then). 

I’ve gained experience in Graphic Design and Arts for over 9 years. 


Great 1. impression 

Hype + Attention

More clients + Growth

Mokkaa© equips you with impactful design solutions which trigger the key moment of change in business success. We make sure your Brand tells the right story.

Your Brand speaks for you.
No Branding – is Branding too. 

Some of my amazing clients